26 Easy Halloween Drawings: Spooky Drawing Ideas for All Hallows’ Eve

An ever-growing collection of Halloween drawings on Let’s Draw That! Decorate your house or make some cards with 26 awesome spooky drawing ideas for Halloween!

Welcome to our Halloween drawings page! Here we’ve collected the tutorials on Let’s Draw That! that make for good Halloween drawing ideas to use for cards,  decorations, and more. For most drawings, we have already made a step-by-step tutorial, but we have also included a few drawings that are combined from different tutorials on this website and specifically crafted for this spooky occasion. Have fun and enjoy! 

Drawing time: about 10-15 mins per tutorial

You will need: pencil, fineliner pen, colored pencils, eraser, and drawing paper or sketchbook

Classic Halloween drawings: Pumpkin and pumpkin faces

No Halloween celebration would be complete without the classic decorated pumpkin. Here are two tutorials to get you started:

How to draw a pumpkin: simple and angled view

How to draw a pumpkin: simple and angle view - step-by-step-drawing tutorial featured image

In the first tutorial, you will learn two different ways how to draw a pumpkin. While the angled view looks better, it is the simple front view that we are using in many other Halloween drawings.

Drawing pumpkin faces for Halloween

Drawing pumpkin faces for Halloween - step-by-step-drawing tutorial featured image

Once you know how to draw a pumpkin, the next step is to decorate it with a face. In this tutorial, we show you how to draw not one, but three different pumpkin faces!

Pumpkin in a witch’s hat Halloween drawing

Pumpkin in a witch hat Halloween drawingPumpkin in a witch hat Halloween drawing

Once you know how to draw a pumpkin and can decorate the pumpkin with a face, you can combine it with the witch’s hat from our how to draw a witch tutorial to make another classic Halloween drawing – a lovely pumpkin in a witch’s hat. Oh, and that small spider hanging from the witch’s hat tip is taken from the spider web drawing tutorial.

Want more ideas for your Halloween drawing? We recommend checking these books:

Drawing book of Halloween Ed Emberleys
Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book of Halloween
How to draw Halloween for kids by Darya Shch
How To Draw Halloween by Darya Shch
Halloween Cool Drawings Ideas by Jay T
Halloween Cool Drawing Ideas by Jay T
Drawing Spooky Chibi by Tessa creative art
Drawing Spooky Chibi, illustrations by Tessa Creative Art, text by Sarah E. White

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Spooky character Halloween drawings

The next lot of Halloween drawing ideas are all about the spooky characters that roam the streets and skies on a dark Halloween night. Let’s see who you can draw: 

How to draw a witch

Witch drawing coloured-in
Witch drawing

If there is one character that is certain to show up on Halloween night, it is a witch in a pointy hat. 

Our witch starts as a simple chibi-style girl. By adding the details – a pointy hat, broom, long cape, and hooked nose – we turn the little girl into a cute witch flying her broom on a full moon on Halloween night.

Witch silhouette drawing

Witch silhouette drawing
Witch silhouette drawing

An easy variation on the previous picture is to make a witch silhouette drawing by coloring in the witch and the broom all in a single black color. Silhouettes are perfect and easy Halloween drawings.

How to draw the Grim Reaper

How to draw the Grim Reaper: finished drawing coloured-in
Grim Reaper drawing

The latest addition to our collection of spooky characters perfect for Halloween is the Grim Reaper, the personification of death.

Here you can learn how to draw a simple cartoon Grim Reaper all hidden in a dark robe.

How to draw a skeleton

How to draw a skeleton: finished drawing coloured-in
Skeleton drawing

The latest addition to our collection of spooky characters perfect for Halloween is the Grim Reaper, the personification of death.

Here you can learn how to draw a simple cartoon Grim Reaper all hidden in a dark robe.

Pumpkinhead Scarecrow

Pumpkinhead scarecrow for Halloween
Pumpkinhead scarecrow drawing

Another character well suited for a Halloween drawing is a scarecrow – particularly if you swap his round head for the pumpkin, as we did above.  Follow our how to draw a scarecrow tutorial, but swap the scarecrow’s head for the simple pumpkin with a happy pumpkin face!

And for those paying attention to detail – we used the spider web to add more character to the Halloween scarecrow.

How to draw a scarecrow

How to draw a scarecrow: finished colour drawing
Scarecrow drawing

And here is the simple and easy “normal” scarecrow drawing we have used as a base.

The sketch is done in just four simple steps. Then we will “ruin” the pretty sketch with rips, tears, and folds to turn the scarecrow’s outfit into old, ragged, and shabby clothes.

How to draw a ghost

How to draw a ghost: finished drawing coloured-in with a castle background
Ghost drawing

The next classic Halloween character is a ghost – there would be no Halloween without some white sheets with no feet flying through the streets. 

The ghost is also very easy to draw. Here we draw one using just a few simple ovals and some squiggly lines. By adding some large, exaggerated eyes we end up with a very cute, cartoon-style ghost floating in the air.

How to draw a vampire

How to draw a vampire: finished drawing coloured-in
Vampire drawing

Next in the line-up of spooky character drawings fit for Halloween night is a vampire. 

We will draw a skinny vampire with a long face and pointy chin and nose, creeping up on his next victim. The vampire’s body is drawn from simple triangles. Also, the vampire wears a full-length coat. That way, he looks well dressed without the need to draw all the clothing details!

How to draw a mummy

How to draw a mummy: finished mummy drawing coloured-in
How to draw a mummy – colour mummy drawing

Another spooky character, well suited for a Halloween night outing is a mummy.  
This one is a mean-looking mummy with worn bandages flying loose all around it as it haunts the night.

Animal Halloween drawings

Apart from pumpkins and spooky characters, there are also some animals that typically show up in Halloween drawings. Here are the ones we have a tutorial for:

How to draw a bat

How to draw a bat: finished drawing coloured-in

Probably the most common Halloween animal is a bat. Here is a step-by-step tutorial to draw a cute cartoon bat soaring through the sky.

How to draw a bat silhouette

How to draw a bat silhouette: finished drawing coloured-in

An even more classic drawing of a bat for Halloween is a simple bat silhouette against the full moon. It is drawn using the same technique as the cartoon bat. 

How to draw a very simple spider

How to draw a simple cute spider​: finished drawing coloured-in

The next most common Halloween “animal” is a spider. Here is a very easy way to draw a cute spider from a single oval.  

How to draw a spider

How to draw a cartoon spider: finished drawing coloured-in

If you are after a slightly more sophisticated spider, you can draw a simple cartoon spider. 

Spider web drawing

Finished spider web drawing
Spider web drawing

Finally, here is a tiny spider with the next classic Halloween decoration – a spider web. 

Learn how to draw it here.

How to draw an owl

How to draw an owl: finished drawing coloured-in
Owl drawing

The next animal well suited for Halloween and the night is an owl. Learn how to draw a cute and great-looking owl from a few basic shapes using a simple jagged line trick.

How to draw a cat

How to draw a cat from triangles: finished coloured-in drawing
Black cat drawing

The animal that would typically accompany any self-respecting Halloween witch is a black cat. 

You might want to give this one a scarier expression, though – our cat is looking way too cute for a fierce Halloween animal. 

How to draw a snake

How to draw a snake: finished drawing coloured-in
Snake drawing

Another common witch companion is a snake. You can draw one twisting around the witch’s broom. For a more fierce look, turn the pupils in the eyes sideways.

Decorations and backgrounds for Halloween drawings

With your pumpkins, spooky characters, and animals covered, it is time to add a few more details and decorations to your Halloween drawings. The following tutorials are some inspiration for your backgrounds or additions to cover odd corners and blank areas on the paper.

How to draw a tombstone

Tombstone drawing coloured-in
Tombstone drawing

Any spooky Halloween drawing is made much spookier with the addition of a crumbling old tombstone or two.

Learn how to draw all the cracks here.

How to draw a skull

How to draw a skull: finished drawing coloured-in
Skull drawing

To add some more deadly fun, there is nothing better than throwing a few skulls into your Halloween drawing. 

Here is a very convincing, but simple to draw front view of a cartoony skull to get you started. 

How to draw a book

How to draw a book: completed open book outline
Book drawing

An old book of spells could be another good prop for your Halloween witch drawings.

How to draw a candle

How to draw a candle: finished candle drawing coloured-in
Candle drawing

A nice addition to a book of spells is an old worn candle covered in dripping wax.

How to draw a witch’s broomstick

How to draw a broom: finished witch's broomstick drawing coloured-in
Witch’s broomstick drawing

Another essential piece of witch equipment or a nice filler to your Halloween drawing is the witch’s broomstick. 
Here is one with a lovely crooked handle and a wild, spiky broom head.

How to draw a star

How to draw stars in the sky - finished drawing
How to draw stars in the sky

And since all the action in any Halloween drawing happens at night, knowing how to draw a starry night for a background comes in handy too. 

Here is a tutorial that will teach you a simple way to draw many stars really fast.

Well, that is all we have for you to draw this year. We have doubled the list since last year, so stay tuned for more, with a new tutorial coming out (almost) every week!

Happy Halloween!

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