Drawing for kids and parents

The best gift you can give your children is your time and attention. Let’s pick something that is fun to draw for both kids and adults, let’s grab some paper and pencils, let’s sit down together and let’s draw that!

Latest tutorial:

Draw a snowman: 3 circles to awesome snowman Draw a snowman like the real one you can build in the winter. Drawn from three simple circles, it is the extra details that make it look awesome.

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Our ever-growing collection of step-by-step drawing tutorials starts with simple and easy drawings, suitable even for small kids or absolute beginners, and then builds up the skills to draw more interesting and fun drawings. And all you need to follow along is a few colored pencils, some paper and a bit of imagination. Let’s pique your interest with some more of the latest tutorials:

How to draw a heart: 2 ways, including shading How to draw a heart in two ways: a classic flat heart icon and nice dynamic side-view curved heart. Add highlights and shading to make the heart pop out!
How to draw a star: easy and fun way Learn two easy ways to draw a star. Draw a nice symmetrical star using the letter "A" shape. And have fun drawing many wonky stars with just a single line.
Draw a cube: 3 different ways and perspectives Draw a cube: learn 3 common ways to show three dimensional cube on a flat paper - simple 3D view and 1 point and 2 point perspective.
How to draw a hexagon: construction and hand-drawn Learn how to draw a hexagon in two ways. Construct a precise hexagon using a compass or learn how to draw hexagon from six triangles by hand.
Drawing pumpkin faces Drawing pumpkin faces for Halloween Drawing pumpkin faces for Halloween: 3 great looking pumpkin faces and a simple perpspective tutorial to add depth and interest to your drawing.
How to draw a pumpkin How to draw a pumpkin: simple and angle view Learn to draw a pumpkin: Practice first drawing pumpkin ribs in a simple front view. Then step up and draw a much better pumpkin at a three-quarter angle.
Draw a turtle in two different ways Learn how to draw a turtle. Start with a simple top view turtle and learn how to draw the turtle shell pattern. Next draw a nice sea turtle from an angle.
How to draw chibi – simple cute boy and girl Learning how to draw chibi is the simplest way to start drawing people. We start with a generic chibi body and use it to draw a chibi boy and a girl!
How to draw a tiger – easy cartoon style Learn how to draw a tiger. We will draw a simple sitting cartoon style tiger with some funky and cute looking large eyes. Get your pencils ready!
How to draw a penguin – young chick and adult Learn how to draw a penguin. First start with a simple and cute penguin chick. After the warmup, we draw an adult penguin bird in a nice dynamic position.
How to draw a lion from a simple triangle sketch Learn how to draw a lion using simple triangle shapes as a guideline sketch. Result is a cute comics style lion, which is not triangular at all.
How to draw a spider – simple cartoon style Learn how to draw a spider in an easy cartoon style - cute spider form a single circle and two double circle spiders - an animal and a friendly humanoid.

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