How to draw a star: the easy and the fun way

In our next step-by-step tutorial on how to draw things, we will learn two easy ways to draw a star. First, we draw a nice symmetrical star using the letter “A” shape. Then we shall have some fun drawing many wonky stars with just a single line.

Here are the stars we will draw today:

Cute star with a face

First we draw a star from a letter “A” shape. This is an easy way to get a regular star drawn by hand.

Our second technique is to draw a star with a single line. This is a fun way to draw many stars fast and fill up the night sky with some unique stars.

Evening sky with many hand drawn stars

How to draw a star from the letter “A”

Star thumbnail

For our first drawing, we learn a simple and foolproof way to draw a star from a letter “A” shape. This is an easy way to get a reasonably regular star drawn by hand.

Step 1 – Draw an upside-down “V”

Upside down "V"

We start our star drawing with an upside down letter “V”. Draw two lines at angle from the same point. Have a look at the picture, and try to keep the angle between the lines about the same as shown here.

Draw the lines just lightly, as parts of these will be just a guideline which we will want to erase later.

Step 2 – Make the “V” into “A”

Letter "A" shape

Draw the next line horizontal and place it about two thirds up our upside-down “V”. The line is the same length as the other two lines. The result looks a bit like the letter “A” now.

Step 3 – Draw the final two sides of the star

Completed easy star drawing

In this step, we connect both ends of the horizontal line to the opposite bottom leg of our “A” letter to complete our star drawing.

Step 4 – Outline the star shape

Outlined star

All that is left now is to outline the outer star shape. A perfect star would have all five points the same shape. If your drawing is bit wonky as ours is, you can correct the star shape as you are outlining it – like we did.

Step 5 – Erase the guidelines and add the face

Cute star with a face

To clean up the drawing, erase the guidelines in the middle. And if you feel like it, you can give your star a nice happy face!

Step 6 – Optional: Colour in the star

Coloured in star

As a final step, you can colour in the star. Ours is a nice dark yellow, which shines bright on a dark blue night sky.

How to draw a star with one line

Star in one line thumbnail

Our second method to draw a star is a lot of fun. We will learn to draw a star with a single line. The line changes directions a few times but you do not lift the pencil as you draw. This is a great way to quickly draw a number of stars where each ends up slightly different. Theyare Great for filling up the night skies in your drawings.

Step 1 – Start at top and go down left

Line down

Draw the first straight line, starting at the top and going down to the left at an angle. The angle is the same as our first upside-down “V” leg above. But do not worry too much – the whole point of this method is to draw a star which not perfect.

Step 2 – Keep going from bottom to the right

Second line

Next line goes from the bottom up and to the right. Again, the length of the line should be about the same as the first line, and the angle is the “V” angle from the first exercise.

Step 3 – Go from the right straight to the left now

Third line

Our next line goes straight from right to left and again is the same angle and length as the previous line.

Step 4 – From Left back down right again

Fourth line

Next go from the left back down to the right again, same angle, same length. You should end up level with the other star leg point.

Step 5 – Close the star with a line from bottom back up

Fifth line that completes the star

The final line that completes the star goes from the bottom leg back up to the top point of the star – and we are done.

As you can see, it is hard to get the star perfect with this method. But what we really like is, that once you have mastered the sequence, it is a really fast way to draw a star.

Step 6 – Practice drawing many stars

Many quickly drawn stars

Having an easy way to draw a star fast is perfect for the times where you need to fill up your evening sky with many stars. Also, once you start drawing faster, each start will be slightly different – great for variety.

So let’s have a play and draw few stars in different sizes to fill up our evening sky.

We have drawn them in a dark yellow. That way, we will not need to erase the lines once we colour in the stars! What a neat trick.

Step 7 – Colour in your stars

Coloured in stars

Time to colour in the stars. See – since we have drawn in the same colour, all the lines are hidden now!

Step 8 – Complete our starry night sky

Night sky with hand drawn wonky stars

We can finish our drawing by colouring in the evening sky with a very dark midnight blue. Oh, and the largest one of our stars has a happy smiley face. What an evening!

Good night for now!

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