How to draw things – step by step tutorials

Welcome to our how to draw things tutorial collection.
Here we collect step-by-step tutorials to draw things which are neither animals, nor people.

Latest tutorial:

How to draw a star: easy and fun way Learn two easy ways to draw a star. Draw a nice symmetrical star using the letter "A" shape. And have fun drawing many wonky stars with just a single line.
Draw a cube: 3 different ways and perspectives Draw a cube: learn 3 common ways to show three dimensional cube on a flat paper - simple 3D view and 1 point and 2 point perspective.
How to draw a hexagon – construction and hand-drawn Learn how to draw a hexagon in two ways. Construct a precise hexagon using a compass or learn how to draw hexagon from six triangles by hand.
How to draw a pumpkin and Halloween faces Learn how to draw a pumpkin. Draw a simple Halloween pumpkin head with three different faces. Then learn to draw even better looking pumpkin from an angle.

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