How to draw a witch – Drawing step by step

Learn how to draw a witch in this easy drawing step by step tutorial. Turn a simple chibi-style girl into a cute witch flying her broom on a full moon night.

Here is the witch we will learn to draw today:

How to draw a witch - drawing step by step tutorial

Our witch starts as a simple chibi-style girl. By adding a few details – a pointy hat, broom, long cape and hooked nose – we turn the little girl into a cute witch flying her broom on a full moon night.

How to draw a witch: step by step sketch

Step 1 – Sketch the head and body shapes

Sketch the head and body shapes

Our base body shape sketch is simple as usual.

Draw a circle for the head. Then add a bowling pin body – narrower at the top, widening at the bottom. Also, the whole body is bent a little – our witch will be sitting on the broom leaning forward.

Finally, draw two straight lines at an angle – this will be the broomstick the witch is riding on.

Step 2 – Sketch the chin, arms and legs

Sketch chin, arms and legs

Let’s turn the bowling pin into a human body.

Add a chin to the face – two straight sidelines, a curve at the bottom and draw a “C” shaped ear. Check the how to draw a chibi tutorial for more details – this is the exact same head.

Continuing with the chibi style, the arms are simple long ovals. The front arm goes over the broomstick and is visible at the shoulder. The rear arm is hidden behind the body at the shoulder with a hand behind the broomstick.

The legs are again simple sausage ovals, bent at the knees. The front leg is fully visible. We only see the thigh from the rear leg.

Step 3 – Sketch the hat and broom

Sketch the hat and broom

Now it is time to add the first “witch trademarks” – the hat and the broom.

The witches hat is a cone, which becomes a triangle on the flat paper. Draw the two straight sides, and add a bent curve for the hat rim.

Then we sketch the base shape for the broom – just two curved lines. Add a small rim on the broomstick.

The final line in this step is the curve for the witches cape.

Step 4 – Sketch the face and hair

Sketch the face and hair

Our witch sketch is almost done – all we need to add is the face. Still following the chibi style, the eye is a large oval, with a smaller inner oval for the pupil. We draw a short curved line for the mouth.

Every witch needs a properly crooked hook nose. But since ours is a cute little chibi girl, we draw only a small, cute hooked nose (but feel free to draw any size nose for your witch).

Last we sketch the hairlines – two curves for the fringe on the forehead, and a two for the short hair on the shoulder.

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How to draw a witch: step by step outline

Step 5 – Draw the Witches hat

Draw witches hat

Let’s outline and improve on our sketch, starting with the hat.

Draw two extra curves at the base of the hat for the belt, and add a rectangular buckle to the front. Next, add the little bent tip of the hat – just a simple triangle. Now you can outline the bottom rim of the hat and attach it to the belt. And finally, complete both sides of the hat (notice the little gap on right to makes the bent tip of the hat attached.

Step 6 – Draw the face and hair

Draw the face and hair

Another small but important improvement – let’s add some spikes to the hair, while you are outlining it, to make it more interesting.

Then draw out the eye – either just outline the oval from the sketch, or you can improve the shape with a little corner as we did here. Then add the curve for the pupil.

The rest of the face, nose and ear are just straight outlines of the sketch.

Step 7 – Draw the witches cape

Draw witches cape

Now it is time to outline the witches cape. Again, we will be improving the sketch and adding jagged edges to both the sleeves and bottom of the cape. Start with the sleeve, then draw the rest of the cape, where it is not hiding behind the sleeve.

Step 8 – Draw arms and legs

Draw arms and legs

Here we add a very simple arc for the hand. Then draw out the other sleeve and the second hand. Notice the hand is not completed, as it will be partially hiding behind the broomstick.

Next, outline the legs and add a little line to mark out a very simple shoe. Again notice we are leaving out space for the broomstick.

Step 9 – Draw the witches broomstick

Draw witches broomstick

Now it is time to draw out the broomstick. While you can leave the handle as simple straight lines, we like to add some interest with an extra curved handle and a little squiggle just above the broom.

Similarly, the shape of the broom bristles can be as simple or as complex as you like – going with the spiky and jagged theme, ours is nicely ruffled.

Step 10 – Final details

Final details

Now it is time to finish off the part where the witches shirt folds over the broom handle. Draw the fold-out as an “S” curve, and then finish the part of the shirt behind the broomstick. We have also added a small corner of the cape sticking out – another little detail that adds more interest.

Finally, a few crossing strings to dress up the shirt a bit and we are done.

How to draw a witch: completed outline

How to draw a witch: completed outline drawing

Here is the final completed witch drawing, after we have erased the sketch lines – a cute young witch flying her funky ruffled broom.

How to draw a witch: Complete colour drawing

How to draw a witch: Complete colour drawing

And since every picture looks even better coloured in, here is our version: we went for the green shirt and trousers, with a contrasting dark purple hat and cape. Golden (or dark yellow) for the details – the hat-band and shirt laces – to add some flair. The broom handle is wooden, which means brown, and the same yellow for the broom sweep.

Just for fun, we have added some background – a nice full moon and a starry night is the perfect time for a broomstick flight!

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