Easy Christmas Drawings

An ever growing collection of easy Christmas drawings on Let's Draw That!. Make some Christmas cards and decorate your house for the very special festive season. Enjoy and have fun!
Welcome to our easy Christmas drawings page! Here we've collected the tutorials on Let's Draw That! which would make perfect drawings for your Christmas cards, or can be used to decorate your house for the festive season. Have fun and enjoy!
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Easy Christmas drawings: Christmas tree

Let's start our colection with the essential symbol of Christmas time - the Christmas tree. Here we have two different ways to draw a Christmas tree for you.

Easy Christmas tree drawing

Easy Christmas tree drawing coloured-in
Our first Christmas tree drawing is as easy as it gets, with a tree made of just three triangles. Once we add some decorations, the triangles magically become a Christmas tree!
Draw a Christmas tree

Awesome Christmas tree drawing

Christmas tree drawing coloured-in
While the second Christmas tree drawing is drawn from similar simple shapes as the easy tree, curving out the triangles, outlining them with squiggly lines and adding extra decorations and details makes the second Christmas tree look just awesome!
Draw a Christmas tree

Easy Christmas drawings: Santa

Next essential symbol of Christmas time is the man delivering the Christmas presents - Santa himself. As with the Christmas tree above, we offer you two different ways how to draw Santa.

Easy Santa drawing

How to draw Santa: easy Santa drawing coloured-in
Our first Santa is as simple as it gets: closed eyes and a long coat mean no eyes or legs to draw! But with the “trademark” features – Santa’s hat, gloves, large moustache and beard – you will still end up with a very recognisable and cute Santa character.
How to draw Santa

Fancy Santa drawing

How to draw Santa: finished drawing coloured-in
Here is another way how to draw Santa. The second Santa has a full body, an interesting pose and many fancy details, including a sack full of Christmas presents. With a little extra work, we get a much nicer and fancier Santa drawing.
How to draw Santa

Easy Christmas drawings: Santa's reindeer

Next up is Santa's trusty steed - Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, the lead of the pack pulling Santa's sleigh.  

Reindeer drawing

How to draw a reindeer: finished drawing coloured-in
First, learn how to draw a reindeer from simple shapes, step-by-step, as he happily gallops over the plain. With really large cartoony eyes and a big nose, this is definitely a cartoon reindeer drawing.
How to draw a reindeer

How to draw Rudolph 

How to draw Rudolph: finished drawing coloured-in
Next, learn how to draw Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer. With just a few extra lines we will dress the reindeer in a sleigh pulling harness. Add a red nose and you have a Rudolph flying high through the Christmas sky. 
How to draw Rudolph

Easy Christmas drawings: Angels

Since the Christmas tradition comes from the Christian celebrations of the birth of baby Jesus, Christmas time is also full of angels. Here are two very different ways to draw an angel for you.

Angel in a simple chibi style

How to draw an angel: finished coloured-in drawing
Our first angel is drawn in a simple chibi style. To turn a little chibi boy into an angel, we dress him in a long white shirt and add a few more angel “trademark features” – large white wings, cute curly blond hair and a golden halo.
Draw a simple chibi angel

Graceful angel drawing

Angel drawing coloured-in
The beauty of this drawing is in its simplicity. The graceful female figure is defined with just a few lines. The tall and thin body and full length wings, powerful hand posture and almost no face make this a mysterious and graceful angel.
Graceful angel drawing

Easy Christmas drawings: more Christmas and winter characters

The next lot of the easy Christmas drawings are some other characters typical for the Christmas season. What would Santa do without his helping elf? What is a favourite Christmas cookie? And since in many parts of the world Christmas comes in wintertime, you can always add a cute snowman or penguin to your Christmas drawing repertoire. 

Gingerbread man drawing

How to draw a gingerbread man: finished drawing coloured-in
Learn how to draw a cute and friendly gingerbread man with a nice smile.  This is the classic cookie-cutter shape,  decorated with round buttons and icing, same as you would decorate the real gingerbread man cookie.
Draw A Gingerbread man

Christmas elf drawing

How to draw an elf  - completed drawing coloured in
Our elf drawing is made using very easy to draw shapes – circles, rectangles and simple curves to build a character in an interesting pose - a Christmas elf leaning on a present.
Christmas Elf Drawing

Snowman drawing

How to draw a snowman: finished coloured-in drawing
A snowman is one of the easiest characters to draw - just stack three circles. It is the extra details that turn the three circles into a beautiful snowman, though.
HOW to draw A snowman

Penguin drawing

How to draw an adult penguin: finished drawing coloured-in plus some fun
Another winter time fellow dressed for the festive ocasion is penguin. Here you can learn how to draw a penguin with the familiar "tuxedo" feathers that is drying out his wings - or is he ready for a Christmas dance? 
How to Draw a penguin

... and more easy Christmas drawings

Finally, here are some things that might come in handy to flesh out your Christmas drawings and cards: writing a "Merry Christmas" in a flashy banner, or decorating odd corners and empty spaces of your Christmas cards with some presents, snowflakes or stars.

Drawing banners

How to draw a banner - 3 ways to master any banner shape - step-by-step-drawing tutorial featured image
Banners make perfect headlines for your Christmas cards!
Learn how to draw 3 different banners: a simple straight banner to get you started, a nice wavy banner for a better look and an ultimate double banner to show off all the tricks you might need for any banner shape. 
HOW to draw A BANNER

Christmas holly drawing

How to draw holly: finished drawing coloured-in
Learn how to draw holly. An easy and quick step-by-step tutorial to draw holly leaves and berries as a decoration for your Christmas cards.
How to draw holly

Candy cane drawing

Candy cane drawing coloured-in
Learn how to draw a candy cane. An easy Christmas candy cane drawing made from simple "U" shapes with a lovely bow tie for decoration.
HOW to draw a candy cane

Christmas bells

How to draw Christmas bells: finished drawing coloured-in
Learn how to draw Christmas bells. Draw two different bells and decorate them for Christmas with holly leaves and a lovely bow.
How to draw Christmas bells

Drawing a present

How to draw a present - complete coloured-in drawing
While we have drawn a simple present in other tutorials mentioned above, here is a fancy way how to draw a present in an interesting three-point perspective.
HOW to draw A Present

Snowflake drawing

How to draw a snowflake: finished drawing coloured-in
Learn how to draw a snowflake using simple geometry combined into interesting and graceful shapes.
The "traditional" looking snowflakes have six-arm shape with many small "branches". The snowflake here has the inner row of those branches joined together into a lovely six-sided star centre.
How to draw a SNOWFLAKE

Drawing a star

Draw a star from a letter “A” shape - an easy way to get a regular star drawn by hand.
How to draw a star

Candle drawing

How to draw a candle: finished candle drawing coloured-in
Learn how to draw a candle - an easy drawing from a simple cylinder to a lovely old candle covered in dripping wax.
HOW to draw A CANDLE
Well, that is all we have for you so far. Check back often or subscribe for new tutorial notifications below. Since new tutorials come out (almost) every week, there will be more tutorials added here before Christmas! 
Have a peaceful and merry Christmas!

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