How to draw a spider – simple cartoon style

Today we will learn how to draw a spider. We start with a friendly looking and very simple spider from a single circle. After the warmup, we will draw two cartoon spiders. Both start with the same sketch, but one is a fierce animal, while the other is a friendly looking humanoid.

Without further delay, here are our three cartoon spider drawings:

Incy Wincy is a friendly spider drawn from a single circle. By adding spider trademarks – eight legs and fangs – we can tell a drawing even as simple as this is a spider.

Drawing our second spider is only slightly more complicated – we use two circles rather that one. This a cartoon style spider, with human-like eyes and legs.

For our third spider drawing we will use the same sketch, but this time we will make the spider very human-like, complete with a hat, shirt, trousers and boots. Let me introduce you to Mr Spider.

How to draw a simple cute spider​

Incy Wincy is one cute and friendly spider, with a big smile and cute googly eyes. He is also very easy to draw. By adding a spider’s trademark eight legs to the simple circle, we can already tell what he’s going to be. He definitely is a very simplified cartoon drawing, but if you want the easiest way how to draw a spider, this is it.

Step 1 – Sketch the body and eyes

Let’s get started drawing Wincy with a simple sketch.

Start with the circle for the body.

Add two slightly overlapping ovals to the top of the body for the eyes.

Step 2 – Add legs to the sketch

Next, draw some spider legs – four on each side of the body. We will make them just very simple bent lines.

A quick and easy sketch, but we can already tell this is going to be a spider.

Step 3 – Draw the spider’s face

Now that we have our sketch, we can start the drawing by outlining the shapes and adding few details.

Start with the eyes. Outline the googly eye ovals from the sketch. Inside each eye, add a smaller circle with yet another small oval patch inside that – that will be our eye’s pupils.

Next draw a big and friendly smile and two small fangs.

Step 4 – Draw the spider’s body and legs

Finally, outline the body and trace the legs.

Notice that I have added simple little “feet” – just another short line – at the end of each leg.

Step 5 – Complete the simple spider drawing

Before you start colouring the drawing, use an eraser to clean up the sketch.

Here is our final spider – arguably one of the easiest drawings you have ever done.

While this is an extremely simple way how to draw a spider, our Incy Wincy is cute and ready to climb the spout.

Step 6 – Colour in the spider

If you want your spider to look even better, you can colour him in.

My spider is light blue, with yellow eyes. There are some really colourful spiders, so you don’t need to be shy with the colours.

I’ve also made him hairy on the sides of his body – he is a big grown up spider.

How to draw a cartoon spider

Our second spider is hanging down from the ceiling, so we will draw him upside down. This spider is also fairly easy to draw, but made from two circles, rather that one.

We will again draw a cartoon style spider, with human-like eyes and legs.

Step 1 – Start with a simple body sketch

We will start our spider drawing with two overlapping circles – one larger for the body, then a second smaller one at the bottom for the head – that is because our spider is hanging upside down from the ceiling.

Step 2 – Add spider legs

Then add eight spider legs – four pointing up, two each side, and four pointing down, again two each side.

We will sketch the legs as simple bent lines, just to understand where they will be.

Step 3 – Add a few details to improve the sketch

Let’s add a few more guides before we start drawing: small ovals at the end of the legs for feet, and two ovals for eyes.

That is enough to start drawing our spider.

Step 4 – Draw a spider head and face

Start by outlining the eyes. Finish them by adding small black dots with a little white patch for pupils.

Next, draw simple fangs – just two half-moons opposite each other on each side of the spider’s mouth. Once the spider’s face is done, it’s time to complete and outline the head.

Step 4 – Draw the spider’s legs

After the head, draw the legs. Draw two parallel lines, one each side of the leg guideline, for narrow skinny legs. Circle around the sketched ovals at the end of legs to draw simple feet and hands.

Step 5 – Outline the body

Now that the legs are drawn, complete the body outline.

Finally, add some hair onto the head and body to dress up our spider.

Finally one important detail – draw a string to hang our spider off the imaginary ceiling.

Step 6 – Dress up the spider with some hair

Since our spider is feeling a bit bare, let’s add some hair onto the head and body to dress him up a little.

Now that is a good looking cartoon spider!

Step 6 – Final spider drawing

Before we colour our spider, let’s clean up the sketch with an eraser. Here is our complete pencil drawing.

Step 6 – Colour in the spider

My spider ended up being purple with orange legs – that must be some exotic tropical species.

How did you colour in your drawing?

How to draw a humanoid cartoon spider

For our third spider, we will reuse the previous sketch. While we will draw a spider in the same pose, he will be a very different looking one.

By dressing our spider in jeans and stripy singlet, we will draw a very humanlike spider. We will turn the spider fangs into a moustache – and our spider can get himself a job as a performer in the circus.

Step 1 – Start with the same sketch as above

Here we start with exactly the same sketch as above – two overlapping circles and eight hair line legs.

Step 2 – Sketch the legs

Next, we sketch the arms and legs. This time they will be a bit thicker than our previous spider’s.

Also note that the lines are a bit bent, to suggest muscles on the thighs and arms.

Make the legs a bit fatter that the arms.

Step 3 – Improve the sketch with a few details

Let’s add simple ovals at the end of his limbs. Add slim ovals pointing in the direction of the arms at the end of the arms for the hands.

Then add a thicker ovals at right angle to the legs for the shoes.

And if our spider can have shoes, why not give him a pretty hat to wear as well? That is another oval and a rounded square at the top of the head.

That’s enough for the sketch, let’s start drawing.

Step 4 – Start drawing the face and hat

First, let’s give our spider a face. Two small ovals for the eyes, with thick joint eyebrows. Two dots for a very simple nose. A big moustache hanging under his nose and a simple mouth complete it.

Next, add the hat. Draw a small oval for the top and two short sides for the crown. Add another large oval for the brim and the hat is done.

Step 5 – Give our spider legs and arms

With the face and the hat drawn, complete the head outline.

Next, draw the arms and legs. Arms are bit skinnier, legs a bit thicker.

Add shoes on the feet.

Draw a little thumb and a palm for the hands.

Step 6 – Complete the body

Now it’s time to complete the drawing of the body. Don’t forget to add a waistline!

Finally, the all important string to hold the spider hanging from our invisible ceiling.

Step 7 – The humanoid spider drawing is done

As usual, erase the sketching, and our humanoid spider – the third spider in our how to draw a spider tutorial – is done.

Step 4 – Colour in your spider

Oh, almost forgot that we can have more fun with colouring in our spider!

Let’s go: As spiders often do, our spider wears nice blue jeans. We have added some pockets and some knee patches – he is a hard-working spider.

He also wears a red striped singlet. That leaves his hands and face a human pink. Brown shoes, a hat and moustache and we’re done.

This Mr Spider surely looks like one of the circus folk – just about to start spinning the safety net for his next performance.

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