Christmas tree drawing – one easy, one fancy

Master Christmas tree drawing. Start with an easy Christmas tree from triangles, and improve it with a simple technique into a beautiful Christmas tree.

With Christmas round the corner, here are two ways to draw a Christmas tree for you:

Easy Christmas tree drawing

Our first Christmas tree is easy to draw from three triangles. Once we add some decorations, our triangles become a Christmas tree!

The second drawing improves on the simple tree. Using similar simple techniques as before, we just add more curved and squiggly lines, extra decorations, and details to make the tree look even better.

Improved Christmas tree drawing

Easy Christmas Tree Drawing

Easy Christmas tree drawing thumbnail;

Our first Christmas tree drawing is very easy and simple – it’s made of just three triangles. Once we add some decorations to our drawing, Christmas magic turns our triangles into a simple Christmas tree!

Step 1 – Draw three triangles

Draw three triangles

Here is the basic shape for our Christmas tree drawing – three triangles, stacked one on the top of each other.

As usual, this is your drawing – so if you want a really tall tree, feel free to stack more than three triangles. Or if you feel really lazy, you can get away with just a single triangle – it will still work. But three is a good number here…

Step 2 – Add Christmas decorations

Draw Christmas decorations

This is the magic step that turns three triangles into a Christmas tree! Let’s get into it.

First we add a trunk to our tree – this could be a simple rectangle, or make it touch wider at the base as in our drawing.

Next add Christmas decorations – simple circle baubles at the lower pointy ends of each triangle.

Finally, add the Christmas star to the top of the tree. Forgot how to draw a star? Jump quickly to our step by step tutorial for that!

Step 3 – Outline the Christmas tree

Outline the Christmas tree

That is all the sketching done – we can already tell this is a Christmas tree!

Let’s draw out the outline of the tree. Then draw the baubles, star, and tree trunk.

Step 4 – Add more decorations

Add more decorations

Once you have the Christmas tree drawing outlined, clean up the sketch lines with an eraser.

Well, we thought our tree looked pretty bare, so here we have added few more of the decorations all over the tree.

The final trick is adding some short lines to suggest structure on the baubles and the trunk.

Easy Christmas tree drawing: complete outline

Easy Christmas tree drawing - complete outline

Here is the final Christmas tree drawing, all in a single colour. Pretty good for a drawing that was more or less done in two steps, what do you think?

Easy Christmas tree drawing: coloured in

Easy Christmas tree drawing - coloured In

Our Christmas tree, as any other drawing, looks much better coloured in.

Here we have used many lines going from the narrow end to the wide base to colour in our tree – it looks like branches on a real tree.

The trunk bark is brown. Choose some happy colours for your decorations. Finally, our star is gold (well, gold looking dark yellow).

And while you are in the Christmas mood, learn how to draw Santa!

How to draw Santa – step by step How to draw Santa: practise on a simple jolly beetroot-head-bowling-pin-body laughing Santa. Then draw perfect Santa with better body, pose and many details.

Fancy Christmas tree drawing

Christmas tree drawing thumbnail

Now that you have mastered drawing the easy Christmas tree, let’s improve on our drawing. We are using a very similar simple technique as before, we will just add more curved and squiggly lines to make the tree look much better. Also, we add few more decorations and presents to perfect our Christmas tree drawing. Let’s draw it!

Step 1 – Draw the base tree shape

Draw the base tree shape

Here we go again, building our tree shape from triangles. This times there are four of them, just for fun. And they are not really triangles, as we have curved all the sides – outer ones in, and bottom ones down.

Start at the top. Then feel free to build your tree as high or as short as you please. Notice that the shapes for the ring of branches are getting flatter and wider as you draw down the lower parts of your tree.

Step 2 – Add the star, chains and trunk

Add the star, chains and trunk

This is the first step where we dress up our Christmas tree. We draw the star at the tree top as before. The trunk is also similar to the one above – just a little curved at the bottom this time, to match the tree’s shape.

And now the new stuff – a chain wrapped around our Christmas tree from top to bottom! Here we only sketch the lines and draw the two pearls – small circles – at each end. We will draw them all out once we get to outlining our drawing.

Step 3 – Add more Christmas decorations

Add more Christmas decorations

Part two of dressing up our Christmas tree – here we add all the baubles to make our tree look pretty.

They are all just simple circles. We have made them all the same size, but feel free to dress up your tree with any size you want! And they do not need to be all just baubles either- add some stars or other shapes, if you want.

Step 4 – Draw some presents

Draw some presents

Here we keep adding details to our Christmas tree drawing to make it more interesting, and draw some presents.

Most of our presents are simple boxes in different sizes. We have drawn them in perspective – check out the how to draw a cube tutorial to learn in detail how it is done, if needed. Or just draw the presents as simple rectangles, if perspective is too hard. Do not forget the ribbon wrap around the presents.

And we have thrown in one odd shaped present in a bag, just for variety.

Step 5 – Draw the Christmas tree branches

Draw the Christmas tree branches

Now it is time for another improvement on our sketch. Let’s start drawing the tree branches.

The sides are a simple outline of the sketch, just broken up for the pearls of the chain (See? That is why we have drawn the two circles on the edges!)

The bottom outline , though, is just a jagged squiggly line. It is also broken for the chain and in few other places. The “branch ends” point down and out – changing direction as we go around the tree.

Step 6 – Outline the decorations

Outline the decorations

In this step we outline all the baubles on our Christmas tree. Then draw out the star at the top and the tree trunk.

Step 7 – Draw the chain and ribbon bows

Draw the pearl chain and ribbon bows

We keep adding more details to our drawing. Now it is time to draw out every single one of those pearls on the chain that wraps our tree.

And while we are adding the small details, let’s add nice ribbon bows to our presents. They are made of a circle for the knot, two loops up and two squiggle lines for the ribbon ends down.

Step 8 – Outline the presents

Outline the presents

The last thing left to outline are all the presents and the ribbon around them.

Once you are finished, clean up the sketch lines lightly with an eraser to finish off your Christmas tree drawing.

Christmas tree drawing: completed outline

Christmas tree drawing: completed outline

Here is the final Christmas tree we have drawn – the complete outline in one colour.

Christmas tree drawing: coloured in

And here is the Christmas tree coloured in.

We used the same colours as for the easy Christmas tree drawing above. We have also used the same trick with colouring in the tree with green lines to suggest the direction of the branches as above. And finally the trick shading the white paper on the presents with light blue, as we have done before on our snowman.

We finished colouring with bright red Christmas bows and colourful decorations to complete the picture.

Now the next Christmas time tutorial for you: How to draw a snowman

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