How to draw a diamond - easy steps to the complex shape

Learn how to draw a diamond. A simple, step-by-step tutorial to draw a reasonably complex and great looking diamond without getting lost in the maze of polished diamond faces.
How to draw a diamond - step-by-step drawing tutorial

Today we will learn how to draw a diamond. We will show you an easy way to draw a reasonably complex and great looking diamond step-by-step, so you will not get lost drawing the many split line edges and polished diamond faces.

Let's start drawing!
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How to draw a diamond: base sketch step by step

Step 1: Sketch two ovals

Let's start drawing the diamond with two overlapping ovals. Draw the first, larger oval fairly narrow and long, and slightly tilted. Then add the second oval in same proportions, but smaller, offset to the left so that it overlaps the large oval.

Step 2: Sketch the diamond edges

Next, join those two ovals with two short straight lines connecting the outer-most edges of the ovals. Then add two more lines to form a triangle for the pointed bottom of the diamond.

Finally, let's add a simple cross to cut up the top side of the diamond - this will help us divide the diamond regularly to draw the polished diamond sides. Notice the long line that starts at the top where the small oval meets the outer edge and goes through the centre of the oval to the other side.

Step 3: Add more division lines

Continue dividing the round diamond into the segments. Add two more in-between cross-sections to the top oval to divide it into eight same-sized segments.

Next, draw four short lines between the top diamond edge on the small oval and the widest edge on the larger oval. Each line starts where the top segment division line ends.

That is enough for the sketch, let's polish our diamond!

How to draw a diamond: outline the drawing step by step

Step 1: Draw the top edges of the diamond

Since diamonds are made of flat, polished surfaces, it is time to turn our ovals into some straight sharp edges. First outline the top small oval, drawing straight lines between all of the eight segments.

Then simply outline the short side split lines from the sketch.

Step 2: Split the segments into more pieces

Time to add some more of those shiny polished sides to our diamond! Let's split each of the side segments into three pieces. Draw a "V" into each of the three fully visible segments, starting at the top corners with the pointy bottom in the middle of the segment on the large oval.

Then add two more splits, one at the top and one at the bottom - those would be the same "V" shape, but since we can see only half of them as the diamond curves, they become simple lines.

Step 3: Draw the outer edges of the diamond

Time to draw the outer edges of the diamond. Draw along the large oval, joining all the segments with a straight line, rather than following along the oval curve.  Finally, join the two sides with the top octagon (that is a fancy word for the shape with eight sides).

Step 4: Draw the pointed diamond bottom

With the top of the diamond polished into many shiny sides, it is time to focus on the pointy bottom end of the diamond. Draw four straight lines from the pointy peak. The two outer lines are just a direct outline of our sketch. The two inner lines start again at the peak and end one segment in on the wide edge.

Step 5: Add few final edges

Just to make our diamond look even fancier, let's add four more final edges. These start half-way up the inner lines we drew in the previous step and end one segment out on each side on the wide edge of the diamond.

How to draw a diamond: completed pencil outline

How to draw a diamond -completed outline drawing

And here is our diamond in its full glory, after we have erased the sketch lines. This was a fairly easy way to draw a fairly complex and great looking diamond. Hopefully, you did not get lost in all those divisions and split lines and enjoyed learning how to draw a diamond.

How to draw a diamond: finished coloured-in drawing

How to draw a diamond -completed coloured-in drawing

Our usual final step is to colour in the drawing. Since diamonds are clear, here we use just some light blue simple shading along the edge lines.

If you are after a more colourful drawing, check out this stunning picture of the Dynasty diamond reflecting many different colours.

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