How to draw a Christmas tree - drawing booklet

Downloadable and printable PDF booklet to accompany our "Christmas tree drawing" online drawing tutorial. Includes all drawing steps and five other drawing activity sheets.

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Downloadable and printable PDF booklet to accompany our "Christmas tree drawing" online drawing tutorial. This booklet is for the fancier Christmas tree version. An offline copy of all the drawing steps with a bonus of five other drawing activity sheets to print out:

  • trace the picture - a simple way to practice the drawing by tracing over the completed outline
  • grid drawing worksheet - use a reference grid to redraw the picture one square at a time
  • finish the drawing from the sketch - complete the drawing from just a base sketch showing the right proportions
  • colouring page - colour-in the completed outline drawing
  • make a puzzle - completed coloured-in drawing laid over a 3x4 jigsaw puzzle grid for you to cut out and assemble

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