How to draw Christmas stuff: Santa, Tree, Elf and more

With Christmas around the corner, here is a collection of step-by-step tutorials that will teach you how to draw Christmas stuff. Here you can find the classics – how to draw Santa, or a Christmas tree and Christmas elf, as well as some related “stuff to draw”.

How to draw Christmas stuff: the Classics

Let’s start with the classic Christmas stuff to draw. These are the symbols of Christmas, the stuff that everyone has connected with Christmas.

How to draw Santa

The first and foremost symbol of Christmas is Santa – the jolly man who delivers Christmas presents. There are the two versions of Santa you can learn to draw here – click on the button to take you to the step-by-step detailed drawing tutorial.

How to draw simple Santa

Our first Santa is as simple as it gets – closed eyes and a long coat mean no eyes or legs to draw! But with the “trademark” features – Santa’s hat, gloves, large moustache and beard – we still draw a recognisable and cute Santa character.

How to draw Santa

Our second Santa improves on the first simple drawing and adds a full body, an interesting pose and many fancy details. We end up with the perfect Santa, complete with a sack full of Christmas presents.

Drawing Christmas tree

The second classic symbol of Christmas is the Christmas tree. Again, here are the two versions of the Christmas tree for you to draw. The first one is easy and quick to draw. The other one adds many details, and while it takes bit longer to draw, your Christmas tree will look much better.

Easy Christmas tree drawing

Our first Christmas tree is easy to draw from just three triangles. Once we add some decorations, our triangles become a Christmas tree!

Improved Christmas tree drawing

The second drawing improves on the simple tree. Using a similar simple techniques as before, we just add more curved and squiggly lines, extra decorations, and details to draw a really fancy Christmas tree.

How to draw a Christmas Elf

Christmas elves areSanta’s little helpers. In this tutoral, we draw a relaxed Christmas elf with a pointy nose and ears leaning on a Christmas present. And why not use the Christmas tree from above for a nice background?

How to draw an elf - step by step tutorial

The base sketch for our elf is using the usual easy to draw shapes – circles, rectangles and simple curves. But it is the interesting pose and many extra details that turn this simple elf drawing into an interesting and really good looking picture!

You can use the same steps to draw a forest elf – just lean him on a stump, and change the elf’s clothing colours to brown and green!

How to draw Christmas stuff: Christmas related

Here are the some of the other things that can be drawn for Christmas. These are generally not direct Christmas symbols, but are popular accessories to the Christmas tree and Christmas time.

How to draw a train

One of the favourite Christmas toys, often set up to run around the Christmas tree, is the Christmas train. If you want to draw one yourself, here is the tutorial. Our train is already in Christmas red. Feel free to add a freight car full of presents, or swap the engine driver for Santa, to make your train more Christmas looking.

Draw a train - steam train with coal car and a passenger wagon

Drawing an entire train is a three-in-one drawing tutorial – one for the locomotive, one for the tender coal car and one for the passenger wagon. As usual, the base sketches are simple circles and rectangles. The trick to draw a train that looks really awesome is in adding the many small details.

How to draw a snowman

Another popular figure, connected particularly to a white Christmas, is a snowman. If you live in the Northern hemisphere, you are probably building real snowmen in the garden during Christmas holidays. If you are down South, you will have a figure of a snowman hanging as a decoration on your Christmas tree to cool you down during the summer heat.

Draw a snowman

Our snowman’s body, arms, and head are made from simple snowballs – drawn as circles on flat paper. We build his face from a carrot and coal stones – a triangle and hexagons on paper. Then we dress up our snowman in a lovely saucepan hat and arm him with a broom!

How to draw a star

A star is another useful thing to know how to draw for Christmas. If you have not noticed, there is a star on the top of our Christmas tree drawing. Once you know how to draw a simple star, just add a nice comet tail, and you have a Christmas star – perfect for your Christmas nativity scene.

Learn to draw a star from a simple letter “A” shape. This is an easy way to get a regular star drawn by hand.

How to draw Christmas stuff: Extras to draw the stuff above

Well, here are some things that are not really Christmas stuff, but will be handy to know to be able to draw the Christmas stuff above.

How to draw a cube

Our how to draw a cube tutorial comes in handy for drawing some Christmas presents under your Christmas tree. While on a simple Christmas tree drawing you can get away with drawing rectangles for your presents, our fancy Christmas tree version calls for better looking present boxes – presents with some perspective!

Cube in a simple 3D view

The first cube is drawn in a simple view. This is an easy way to suggest a space and draw a three dimensional shape on flat paper.

Although a bit harder to draw, a 1 point perspective looks more realistic – like a real object in space.

Cube in a 1 point perspective
Cube in a 2 point perspective

A cube in 2 point perspective is a very dynamic and exaggerated view, which really makes the flat drawing pop out to the third dimension.

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