How to draw an easy Santa: step by step drawing

How to draw an easy Santa: draw a jolly beetroot-head bowling-pin-body laughing Santa. With closed eyes and long coat, the figure drawing is as easy as it gets.
How to draw easy Santa: step-by-step drawing tutorial

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Today we will learn how to draw an easy Santa. The figure drawing is as simple as it gets: closed eyes and a long coat mean no eyes or legs to draw! But with the “trademark” features – Santa’s hat, gloves, large moustache and beard – you will still end up with a very recognisable and cute Santa character.

Let’s draw an easy Santa
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How to draw easy Santa: base sketch step by step

Step 1: Sketch the base head shapes

We start drawing Santa from the head. First, draw a large oval for Santa’s face. Add another small oval inside for Santa’s large and round nose.

The next shape to add is the beard. Start drawing about a quarter down from the top of the head – we want to leave some space at the top for the hat. Draw the beard in a nice heart shape. (If you do not remember how to draw a heart, do a quick side trip to our tutorial for a refresher.)

Well, that is a nice beetroot right there. Err, Santa’s head I mean…

Step 2: Draw Santa’s face

We keep adding details to Santa’s face. Start with the moustache – draw two curved lines from the middle of the nose, one on each side, all the way just a touch out from the beard outline. Then close the moustache with curves coming back on each side.

Next, add two simple “up” curves for the eyes – that is the easiest way to draw closed eyes. Now draw two small ovals above the eyes, slightly tilted out, for the eyebrows.

And finally, sketch just a simple curve for the mouth.

Step 3: Draw Santa’s hat

Now for Santa’s hat. Let’s start with the bottom fur rim. First draw the two small curves for the sides, from where the beard joins the head-line. That join the sides with two slightly curved lines.

Now the top of the hat: first the left side, with a nice swoop from the rim up to the centreline of the head. The right side is shorter and points just below the end of the left line.

Then add the pompom on the side and join it with two curves – the one at the top meets the top of the hat, while the lower one ends halfway up the right side.

Step 4: Draw Santa’s body

Well, if the head was easy to draw, the body is even easier. Since we wanted a really simple way to draw Santa, we have decided to draw his winter coat really long, all the way down to the ground. That saves us drawing the legs.

So the body is two slightly curved lines, starting just under the moustache, and going all the way to the ground. Then close the bottom of the coat with a slightly curved line. Now our Santa has become a bowling pin.

Let’s at least give him some arms: two curved lines out from the shoulder just above the moustache. From the elbows, two lines back to the body. Done!

Step 5: Finish the sketch with details

Let’s add the final details: First, draw the fur coat cuffs. They are the same shape as the rim on Santa’s hat, just smaller in size. Then draw the mittens – one small arc at the top for the thumb, and a larger curve for the hands.

Now add a rim at the bottom of the coat – you are getting professional at drawing that shape by now.

And finally – Santa’s feet sticking out from underneath the coat – just two simple curves again.

Here is a another way to draw Santa: How to draw Santa: step by step drawing

How to draw Santa: step by step drawing

How to draw Santa: draw a great looking Santa with a nice pose, sack full of Christmas presents and many fancy details.

How to draw an easy Santa: outline the drawing step by step

Step 1: Outline the face

With the sketch done, let’s outline our drawing. Start with the face: two ovals for the eyebrows, eyes and nose.

Here we have redrawn the simple single line mouth into a nice, wide laugh – so draw that one next.

Last comes the moustache, because it is now hiding behind the mouth. Now, that would not work in the real world, would it? But this is a cartoon drawing – and the mouth looks better that way. We can draw whatever we like!

Step 2: Draw Santa’s hat and beard

Now draw out Santa’s hat. Notice the bottom line is broken up for the eyebrows. Also, we have pulled the sides of Santa’s face a touch closer together.

The beard outline is again broken up for the moustache, as that sits on the top of the beard.

Step 3: Outline arms and hands

Let’s keep moving down outlining our Santa drawing. Draw the coat sleeves and the cuffs.

Watch out when drawing the mittens – one goes above the other again, so leave the part that is hidden out.

Step 4: Draw the coat and shoes

No tricks or overlaps in this step, so just simply outline the coat – the fur rim and sides – as well as Santa’s shoes.

Step 5: Add the details

Well, in the previous step our Santa is complete, but we thought we surely can make the jolly man even happier. All it takes is a few simple lines here and there:

Two small lines on the face – one for the cheeks and one for laughter wrinkles under the eye.

Some lines around the tummy and just under the pompom – and Santa is all shaking with laughter. Ho, ho, ho!

How to draw an easy Santa: completed pencil outline

How to draw easy Santa: completed pencil outline

Time for our usual final clean-up. Go over the drawing lightly with an eraser and remove any extra sketch lines.

This is it – that is how to draw an easy Santa. For a simple beetroot head bowling pin chap he looks pretty good, I say!

How to draw an easy Santa: finished coloured-in drawing

How to draw easy Santa: finished coloured-in drawing

Colouring in your drawing is always optional, but we like to finish off in style.

This Santa is not only easy to draw, but also to colour in. The hat and coat are all a nice bright red.

Santa’s moustache, beard, hat pompom and all the coat and hat rims are white. Since white or no colour would look too flat, we have used the colouring trick from drawing a snowman – adding some shaded areas around the edges in light blue.

Finally, the mittens and shoes are dark yellows – that could be the leather colour. It also adds some nice contrast to the drawing.

If you liked this drawing, try your hand at another slightly more advanced way how to draw Santa.

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