How to draw a bumblebee - very simple and very cute

Learn how to draw a bumblebee. An extremely simple way to draw a cute cartoon style bumblebee from a few simple shapes.
How to draw a bumblebee: step-by-step drawing tutorial

Today we will learn how to draw a bumblebee. This is arguably one of the easiest tutorials on this site with a very simplified cartoon version of a bumblebee.

So what is it that turns a few simple shapes into a bumblebee? The basic trademarks are there even in this minimalistic drawing - the tell-tale black and yellow stripes and the "beetroot" shape of the body. The result is an easy to draw, cute bumblebee flying over a green meadow.

Let's start drawing!
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How to draw a bumblebee: base sketch step by step

Step 1: Draw the base head and body shapes

Start your bumblebee drawing with a simple circle for the head.

The body is a kind of beetroot shape - one curve on the top for the back, meeting with a slightly flatter curve for the bottom belly in a nice pointed bumblebee bum.

Step 2: Draw the eyes and antennae

Bumblebees have very large compound eyes. Our drawing is a very simple cartoon version of a bumblebee, so let's give it large cartoon eyes. Draw those as two big ovals, with small ovals inside for the pupils.

Then add two antennae to the top of the head. These are simple arcs, and keeping with cartoon exaggeration, we are adding big pom-pom circles at the end.

Step 3: Draw the bumblebee's body stripes

One of the trademarks of any self-respecting bumblebee is its yellow-black body striping. In this step, we are adding the lines that will mark those stripes. The curved lines suggest the shape of the rounded body on the flat paper.

We will have two black stripes and a black bum - that adds up to drawing five curved lines.

Step 4: Draw the wings

The last and very important body part for a bumblebee is its wings. Again, following cartoon simplification, draw these as two teardrop shapes that are attached to the back of the bumblebee.

As a final small detail, let's mark a little "cap" on the top of our bumblebee's head with another slightly curved line.

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How to draw a bumblebee: outline the drawing

Step 1: Outline the eyes and antennae

With the bumblebee sketch done, outlining the drawing is easy. We simply outline and the sketch, filling in the black parts of the bumblebee.

Start with drawing the eyes. Fill in the smaller inner oval, leaving small white patches for the "shine" or reflections in the eyes.

Next, draw the antennae, colouring in the end circles.

Step 2: Outline the head and body

The next step is to outline the head circle and body shape. Then, draw the little line on the forehead.

Step 3: Outline the wings and the body stripes

The last lines to redraw are the outline of the wings and the body stripes.

Step 4: Colour in the black stripes

As a final step, colour in the stripes on the body and the top of the bumblebee's head in, err, black.

(Hopefully, we are not confusing you too much - it is red on the picture, to show the new addition from the previous step, as usual. But you will draw it black, right?)

How to draw a bumblebee: completed pencil outline

How to draw a bumblebee: completed outline drawing

And here is the completed bumblebee drawing in its full glory (and with black stripes). This time, we did not even need to clean the sketch lines - they are all drawn over with the outline.

How to draw a bumblebee: finished coloured-in drawing

How to draw a bumblebee: completed coloured in drawing

Our usual final step is to colour in the drawing. Well, even that step is really easy. We have already done half of the colouring, all the black parts, while outlining the bumblebee. All that is left is to colour the rest of the body and head in a nice golden yellow.

Bumblebee wings are transparent - you can see through them. As that is a bit of a hard colour to draw, we are using a very light blue to colour the wings. Notice the light lines marked on the wings to suggest the wing texture. If you feel drawing more than simple lines, you can use a pattern similar to the butterfly wings in our "How to draw a butterfly" tutorial.

Now that we know how to draw a bumblebee, let's give it a lovely meadow with some grass and a flower to fly over as the last improvement - it also adds more colour to the drawing.


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